Born in Colorado and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, I most recently moved to Omaha, NE in October, 2018 after spending a few years in both North Carolina and Virginia.

Before graduating with a degree in food and beverage management, I spent years working in restaurants. With over a decade of experience spanning from front and back-of-house operations, in privately owned breweries and bars, to fast casual corporate establishments. This time made me appreciate and realize how food should actually be.

In my transition to Virginia and with some time spent away from the industry, I realized my passion and purpose -- helping others to feed their bodies with high quality ingredients, while still meeting their lifestyle needs. Asitshouldbe. provides convenient meals for people of all ages, personal needs, and target goals, so that they can give their body the nourishment it needs.

This didn't come without building beautiful bonds with people whom I acknowledge shaped my life into what it is today. I’ve been fortunate enough to have peers and managers that helped me develop and hone in on my skills. Coupled with my husband John and my dog Harold, my support system gave me the invaluable knowledge needed to have my own business, endless support and encouragement to fulfill my dreams.

After successfully starting and running my business out of Virginia I now plan to continue in Omaha. I’ve made a few tweaks to my business model, customers can still get the same great service but with the convenience of meals being prepared right in your own home.